1v1 combat seasons -

A winner will be chosen at the end of each bracket round.

Winners are choosen by a combination of player votes and luck. All rolling and votes are done in the open

  • The Roll
    • Die used = number of original players divided by number of current fights
    • Example 16 players
      • Round 1 - 8 fights
        • Die is a 1d2
      • Round 2 - 4 fight
        • Die is a 1d4
      • Round 3 - 2 fights
        • Die is a 1d8
      • Round 4 - 1 fight
        • Die is a 1d16
  • Voting
    • At the end of each round, all players may submit 1 vote.
    • Players may not vote for themselves unless they are in championship fight
    • Each vote adds +1 to the winner die roll.
    • Players may vote with any criteria they wish. Players are recomended to vote for the player that they enjoy reading from the most.
  • Determining the winner
    • A die is rolled with vote modifiers for each player
    • Highest value wins
    • Ties are rerolled with same modifiers until there is a winner.
    • Example: Four players, round 1. Player 1 and player 2 are fighting.
      • Four players divided by number of fights (2) will equal 2 so the die is a 1d2
      • Player 1 receives 1 vote from Player 3.
      • Player 2 receives 2 votes (Player 1 and Player 4)
      • Die is rolled, player 1=1d2+1, player 2 = 1d2+2
        • Each player gets a 3, die is rerolled
        • Player 2 gets a 4, player 1 gets a 2. Player 2 wins.

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