Character ConceptEdit

A humanoid made of magma who can not only create but control magma and fire.

Character's RealityEdit

He is a Venusian from the planet venus.


A tall creature of magma with several fires sprouting from his body.




  1. Fire Mimicry (Actually Magma Mimicry but whatever)
  2. Fire Manipulation
  3. Magma Manipulation
  4. Can create weapons from Magma


  1. Slow
  2. High amounts of water can severely weaken him
  3. If their is a lack of oxygen then he wont be able to create fire.

Reason for fighting normallyEdit


Reason for fighting in tournamentEdit


Common TacticsEdit

Spray magma on the foe slowing him, then punch the foe into submission.


During a battle Magmarose fell into a rift, sending him into space. He was then picked up and saved by people who ran PVP Arena.

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