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Season 1 Roster:

Bonus Season Roster:

  • Avalius Maria - An ex-villian who is cursed
  • Lord Fear - A 352-year old skeletal mastermind and villain.
  • Magmarose - A being of pure magma who can manipulate fire
  • Nou, It That Covets - Centipede Spirit, skilled in magic, that has memorized the Scroll of Life.
  • Robyn Goodkind - Virtuoso of finality, the song of life.
  • Titus Helvidius - A modern Roman legionnaire gifted with the power over fire.
  • Vred - A Cheevirrelle, half squirrel, half cheetah, somewhat humanoid.

Season 2 Roster:

  • Cassus - A former human test subject.
  • Chronos Choros - Demigod Time Manipulator
  • Galimon - Astral traveler who calls upon the personas of those he has visited.
  • Lamin - Prince of Blades
  • Lord Fear - A 352-year old skeletal mastermind and villain.

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