First BracketEdit

  1. Culicade Vs. Oshgosh in Magma Deepths
    1. Culicade - Win
    2. Oshgosh - Lose (Dropped)
  2. Chronos Vs. GIMIT in Circle Of Death
    1. Chronos - Win
    2. Oshgosh - Lose (Dropped)
  3. Dalek Vs. Proteus in Golden Sands Resort
    1. Dalek - Lose (Chance)
    2. Proteus - Win
  4. Inriiaynrae Vs. Spider in Little America
    1. Inriiaynrae - Lose (Chance)
    2. Spider - Win

Second BracketEdit

  1. Proteus Vs. Chronos in Yarp Robotics  
    1. Proteus - Lose (Chance)
    2. Chronos - Win
  2. Culicade Vs. Spider in Psibur.rena
    1. Culicade - Lose (Dropped)
    2. Spider - Win

Final BracketEdit

1. Chronos Vs. Spider in Apple City Towers



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